Faith & Society is the central theme of Fred A. Yamoah’s passion towards facilitating faith and development dialogue for societal transformation through research, consultancy, writing and advocacy.

Programmes and activities Fred engages in under the auspices of Faith & Society are designed to foster conversations and reflections around some of society’s most challenging questions and themes underpinned by religious faith and its impact on development. His key interest and work revolves around the changing role of faith in society as well as reinforcing the centrality of faith in restoring and maintaining human dignity.

Fred aspires to create a forum for addressing one critical challenge – the centrality of development within faith expressions in the global south. One special interest is to provide a networking opportunity for people of faith to discuss and reflect on specific issues such as:

  • The role of religious faith in societal transformation in developing countries of the world.
  • Faith, business and political leadership.
  • Faith and Disability Empowerment in Africa.
  • Religious faith and socio-cultural development in post-colonial Africa
  • Faith and Personal development (Emotional strength/Self Image/Personal confidence).
  • Faith and Science (What does it mean to love God with your mind?)
  • Faith and Materialism – Is there a contradiction?
  • Cultural factors and Faith expressions (Pro or Anti-development?)
  • The changing religious culture in Europe: Is the increasing new ‘ethnic’ based churches a solution to the declining growth in traditional churches?
  • Compatibility issues between religious culture and foreign policies of governments across the world.
  • The contribution of the religious institutions in the West towards developing countries: Policy change versus Charity?

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